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Rockford Forklift Instruction

Operator safety training is a cost effective way to foster an efficient, more productive, safer work environment for your company.  Certification encourages leadership qualities and certified operators behave more responsibly with equipment. 


Rockford Industrial Equipment provides training for ALL Industrial Equipment, not just forklifts.  We offer comprehensive training, compliant with OSHA regulations and recognized industry standards.  Whether its boom/aerial, scissor lifts or narrow aisle reach trucks, we have the training your staff needs to practice and maintain a safe working environment.         

Our training is flexible too, we accommodate on-site and remote testing, but even better we maintain a cataloged history of training dates, expirations, and certification copies for your convenience.  We do more than fleet management, we do safety management.  For more information call or email our dedicated Sales team.    

Certified Forklift Instructor Rockford
  • Video Tutorials
  • Classroom Training
  • Refresher Training
  • Driver Performance Training
  • All Forklift Types
  • All Industrial Equipment
  • Written Testing
  • On-site & Remote Testing
  • Certification & License Card
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Cert & License Records History

Operator Training Includes:

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OSHA Forklift Rockford
Forklift Certification Rockford
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